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From the obit

I was being facetious. The age came from another obituary -- googled for his name and "obituary".
The point is that if you cast the net widely enough you'll find plenty of names. I wasn't making it up about Walt Imhoff, "one of the most influential investment bankers in Denver's history," dying less than two weeks ago. Or the other one, and those really were just from the first page of google hits.

Jason Alan Salais died suddenly. And he did apparently work for JP Morgan Chase in the IT department. In Houston, Texas. What was his job description? Is he in a position and location that makes it likely that he'd be in the loop on insider secrets, or is he just one of a large number of IT staff at a company the size of JP Morgan, and the name is turning up now because the net is being cast very widely and without regard to plausibility?