Comment: Poor PUSSIES who just aren't EQUIPPED enough ! Seriously !

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Poor PUSSIES who just aren't EQUIPPED enough ! Seriously !

What those alphabet soup agencies PUSSIES (*) can't realize

- because, hey, they are NOT EQUIPPED enough upstairs above their blank eyeballs, with that empty fishbowl they call their brain ! -

is that they aren't ANYWHERE ONLY REMOTELY CLOSE to be any interesting game to compete THE WILD FIRE of ideas spreading throughout the WWW exponentially, as a natural gag reflex of the peoples vs. them PUSSIES, their gross fraud, and masters...

(*) PUSSIES, did I say? Hell, yes, who is paid to do the smear, lies, and pretense anonymously, while some of us haven't feared to share like 50% of their profile publicly for years with nobody asking?

Dude, did I miss anything - or what?

Heya, LOSER PUSSIES, Huuuge Smooches From Here to You !

Mwwwaaaahhhh !!!! ;P

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