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back to music jam from cribbage jam and gamble jam

I beat my friend Eric 2 out of 3. We also shared a pizza. He's schizophrenic and often reminds me of Syd Barrett. Syd liked to play backgammon with those who stopped by to visit. A few years back I had just bought an electric guitar and was trying to figure out how to play the confounded thing. I had been somewhat familiar with acoustic guitar as I had hacked away at it for some odd years as a means to give my restless hands something to do as I screamed out John Prine songs and such. I soon realized that electric was a very different animal. I was sitting in my basement attempting to unravel the electric mystery when my friend Eric called on the phone. He had a gambling habit and was prone to calling me on breaks from the poker table. These were brief moments of sanity in which he was calling for help. This time he had called me from the parking lot of a casino BEFORE he entered. I told him,"Eric, take that five hundred bucks in your pocket, drive to MusicGoRound right now, buy a drum set, and bring it over to my basement. He did exactly that! He had sat at and messed around on other people's drum kits before, but had never really played drums. Anyway, he brought the drums, I helped him set them up and we played. We were oddly in sync as we were both trying to figure out how to play these new instruments. I ain't one for playing music too long without singing, so once we latched on to a common vibe I started to sing the first stuff that popped into my head. It progressed from nursery rhyme to Townes Van Zandt. [It's interesting that you posted that Steve Earle song. Not because he named his son Justin Townes Earle, but because I listened to this earlier this evening.] I don't recall ever having played this song before that day, but I had been playing acoustic guitar long enough that once in a while I could manage eking out simple songs on the fly [I'm usually on the fly :D]. What little of the lyric I remembered, I mangled pretty bad, but there happened something strangely magical nonetheless [to my ears] that I discovered when listening back to it months later. I had also just purchased a little recorder and was also figuring out how to use it. This is what my little recorder had captured. I have no Idea how listenable it may or may not be to another human's ears, so if you are one to enjoy heavy drugs please take them now, wait for them to kick in, and then click only if you must...