Comment: This is Becoming a Trend

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This is Becoming a Trend

I think what you can see in this represents good news.

This is the second time in the last year that Jon Stewart and the Daily Show have gone after the Judge. And many of us also saw him recently go after Peter Schiff as well.

To me this is indicative of some very important changes in the political and media narrative from only a few years ago. It's slowly changed from attacking conservatism to the real perceived threat: libertarianism.

It was only a few years ago that a clip like this wouldn't have even existed due to libertarianism seeming like some fringe goofy thing. However, we are no longer ignored, ridiculed, left in the dark, or laughed at. We are now mainstream, strong, and the only way to deal with that at this point is to attack us.

We are winning and videos like this prove that we are now that we are big enough for entire shows and media networks to launch hit pieces aimed at trying to discredit this philosophy. Keep it up, this should be motivation for us to keep at it relentlessly, no matter what.