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Tip of the Iceberg

Thanks for the reply.

I haven't spent much time studying the mechanics of spells and such.

I've only recently gained enough insight to say what I said.
I could go on and on, yet there is more research to do.

I am surprise that with all the 'conspiracy' theorists on the DailyPaul, it doesn't seem that many (if any) of them have shared (or apparently researched) the practical aspects of the Occult. They just decorate the word in darkness. They really need to see what it is/was really about.

Some of it can be scary stuff, yet the parts that are easily acceptable in our modern context can be very valuable to gaining an understanding of the external power and influence against oneself, and whether one should accept it or not.

Another perspective I've been entertaining is old-world upper-class speech verses common speech.

I am starting to believe that the upper-class speech that sounds funny to us now (eg: "..might I venture to inquire the nature of..") is a way of respecting an individuals consciousness through minimizing the subtle controlling effects of everyday speech.

Conversely, today, many of us speak as if the only way to communicate is to demand/command things from each other (eg: "Tell me your name.").
I wonder if that is a side effect of actually being commanded and controlled in too many aspects of modern life (job & government & family interactions).

As I start to practice a way of being where I account for the influence of whatever people say or do towards me, I start to sound like these old-world upper-class people.

So, from my perspective, common modern speech is intrusive.
It's no wonder there is so much wrong, when the wrong is pervasive.