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Yes both are right-winger to the core

Yes, both Hillary and OBomba support the exact same oppressive Police-State, crackdown on civil-liberties, criminalization of whistleblowers, and the same treacherous Wars and War Crimes as the reich-wing PNAC Neocons that brought you 9/11, and human torture, and War without End.

They are also both "greed is good" Reagan-esque Corporatists who support the same exact right-wing policies that only enrich the top-1% and also kill off the "FDR-era" social safety net, and U.S. Manufacturing.

After all, it was OBomba who (unlike Bill Clinton in the 90s) never reversed the trickle-down Tax Code, but left it in place. OBomba also never closed the Tax loopholes for offshore corporations, or did anything that swing the pendulum back to where we were before Bush was installed as President. He even pushed to cut social security when the GOP was not ("chained-index" proposal), and appointed the "cat food" commission (made up of right-wing social security haters).

Instead the poverty gap between the rich and the poor have increased on his watch. And OBomba even publicized that Reagan was his favorite President (not FDR or LBJ or Kennedy or Carter). OBomba also even mocked the sentiments of Martin L. King, and agreed with Dick Cheney about enshrining Pre-emptive Wars as required U.S. Policy.

And Hillary Clinton is a devotee of the entire Bush Family, and will start a new War with Iran in her first month of office (if she is ever elected).

These clowns are not at all progressives or "liberals". They work for and support the top-1%, and their policies reflect the same right-wing think-tank mindset.