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The day my father and I changed the face of the Earth

Noticed a reference to your signature in the comment I initially responded to, and clicked it; really neat visualization. My subject, and the below, was triggered from the last sentence of your signature, "And you can move the earth also."

Years ago, my Dad's back yard had a rock in it. Two, actually, near each other; one, the lawnmower would go over, the other it would not -- but they were both almost the same, so sometimes we would dull the blade.

One day we decided to do something about it. First we got some iron bars, and tried to break it up; that didn't work. So we got some shovels and dug down one side of it; fortunately, that was the side the was the "outcropping" of the rock (it was standing up, about 2' tall, 2' wide, and 1' long, and was angled slightly so as we dug down, we were also pulling dirt from "under" it).

Once we had dug down a foot or so, we decided to see if it would rotate in place, "rolling" so it was more horizontal than vertical. It did, and then we put the dirt back.

From that day forth, we never hit the rock with the lawnmower again. And a day or so after we did that, my brain presented to me that "we changed the face of the Earth." :) Cheers!

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