Comment: Yep! That's what I meant.

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Yep! That's what I meant.

Yep! That's basically what I meant. Though I suppose it seems as though self defense doesn't necessarily require such proof. For example, if an armed robber holds you up, you're well within your rights to ventilate the aggressor, even if you aren't sure meant to shoot/stab/burnanate you. A court will then decide if it was justified or not. In a situation of imminent threat, there would be some room for judgement, of course we have no courtroom to hold our corrupt government accountable, but then I guess that's why we are supposed to declare war as an act of Congress so as to make room for debate; as opposed to our king making a decree to pick on small countries that don't have nukes, and murder their people.

Is it weird that I feel like screaming and fainting like a teenage girl when Jan Helfeld replies to my post? You rock Jan, keep doing your thing!