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Excellent post

Similarly, I never knew it was Aaron Russo who produced "Trading Places" until I had seen the reference to "America: Fascism to Freedom" here.

After that, I saw "Trading Places" in a new light (helped, of course, by the perspective change being exposed to this place brings). It as well is a very libertarian movie: the Dukes are like central bankers, trying to divide "the People" along racist lines by having them switch roles.

Whereas at the end, four "classes" of people (white, black, old servant, young prostitute) work together to defeat the tyranny.

Thanks for helping me think differently about it -- now I need to watch Ghostbusters (and 2, I think), as well as Trading Places and in a partial way, its sequel, "Coming to America" (partial way: a small scene where one of Eddy Murphy or the other main character hands a bag of money to one bum sitting next to another; the one bum blurts out, "Mortimer! We're back!").

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