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Here's what they're saying

The claim in that video is that sites like this:
have all been hacked to include fake records, along with everything else that purports to have the full index, such as this one:

But they found one free site that doesn't include the names, and this is supposed to be the smoking gun. Here's a pdf of their claim or you can get this from the video:
Note the phrase "Here's why you should check ..." that occurs with each entry. (The site is set up to try to sell you paid access to other sites.) Google for that phrase and you can find out which site they were using:

The interface is awful but if you drill down looking for, say, Emilie Parker, you'll get here:
Sure enough, there's no Emilie Parker on that page who died in 2012.

There's nobody on that page who died in 2012.

I checked twenty other pages chosen at random, and there were NO deaths recorded in 2012. Oddly, there were a few for 2013, but zero deaths listed for 2012 on the pages I checked.

I think it's pretty obvious what's going on with this one.

Hat tip to but check it yourself.