Comment: Baby birds are the cutest ever

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Baby birds are the cutest ever

I've been known to leave a Christmas tree up until Valentine's Day. One year I left the wreath up even longer, hanging in the diamond-paned window of our kitchen door. (A white eyelet curtain hung on the inside.) I guess Spring was already approaching one afternoon when I noticed flitting shadows on the curtain. It was an adorable "couple" of wrens.
They were so industrious creating a nice soft nest in the curve of that wreath, from feathers and just all sorts of bits. And then came the eggs. Although wren's eggs, they were robin's-egg blue, like this
...although if I recall correctly, they were speckled - though as to that point, it's possible I'm confusing it with those speckled malted milk ball eggs that were often found in my children's baskets on Easter morning...
or the speckled egg in "The Golden Egg Book," that classic story about the lonely bunny and the chick.
Anyway, those eggs were so pretty and so tiny and so fragile, just precious.
But then what noise once they hatched!!! Those baby birds were always hungry, always peeping. They were so-o-o-o adorable, these little tiny bodies and these big heads with huge bright beaks always open and pointed upwards like they were blowing orange trumpets. Being very quiet, we'd peek through the curtain and watch them being fed.

The whole process was a joy to follow. It's really one of my favorite memories. Well, except for one thing. It had not escaped our notice that there was one less baby wren than there had been eggs. I looked all over for that egg because I have a tiny nest I once found, kept in a little glass box. I was going to have the perfect egg for it! But didn't find it until, one day outside in the grass barefoot... I stepped on it. :( Oh, well!

I love the pictures that are posted here - of the squirrels, too. I have lots of pictures of those baby wrens, but alas not taken with a digital camera.

Thanks quiltingsando for this great post!

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