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You are the kind of disinfo

that doesn't work here.

The 'actual documents' tell me that statism is the rationale evil men use to promote systematic theft and murder.

I like Russian culture. There is nothing to recommend the Russian government. Has never been so far as I know.

China had a brief lived liberty movement. Scotland. Iceland..

Did Russia? Not being coy, I just don't know and hope there may have been.

Regardless, there is no justification of Russian oppression of the Ukraine today any more than it was under the CCCP.

Because I don't want American blood and 'treasure' spent overseas doesn't at ALL MEAN I APPROVE of Russian aggression.

And because I know statists are usually logically challenged, my disapproval of Putin doesn't at ALL MEAN I APPROVE OF OBAMA's inept and dangerous policy.

You are all jackholes, and you are all risking the fkucing planet.