Comment: Kerry condemns Russian action in Ukraine as 'Invasion'

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Kerry condemns Russian action in Ukraine as 'Invasion'


Nice try...
Blatant prop...
White House saying upcoming G-8 summit in Sochi 'at risk'..
not THAT!!

The real stuff is the war between oligarchs: Here
Weiss: U.S. has options for Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine
"Yet there are American options. One would be to coordinate with our allies in Europe and announce sanctions against Russian officials who would be involved in attacking Ukraine. The nice thing about one of the world’s most corrupt countries is that most of the elites running Russia keep their cash and real estate abroad in democratic jurisdictions.

A new U.S. law allows for putting pressure on Russian human rights violators by threatening to freeze or confiscate these assets. Names of those with money and mansions to hide in the West ought now to be named in advance of tanks rolling into Donetsk, Kharkiv or, as may well happen, Kiev."