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With all these BitCoins disappearing I don't know how you

could say that - and it's not only Mt. Gox. Open source don't mean squat. The exploit or back door could be right there under your nose and you wouldn't see it. It's not only the BitCoin 'protocol', there is the mining software as well (who's to say that the originators do not have a more efficient mining program)? An exploit there would be as damaging as one related to the 'block chain'. I was a computer professional for over 25 years and I have never seen a bug free program. Within an organization, all software developed is 'open source' (to the employees). This fact has never eliminated 'bugs' in my experience. Also different compilers produce different machine code (even the same compiler run with different options will do the same) so open source is no guarantee that the program will operate flawlessly under all circumstances. What I see is a lot of people who don't know squat about programming all of a sudden becoming experts on source code they have never seen and algorithms they don't understand. As they say in Vegas when you hand your money to the change girl, "Good Luck" (you will need it).

Leges sine moribus vanae