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Richard Harris ~ MacArthur Park

DAVE BARRY had a column in which he wrote about some song he considered a really bad song, and he ended up getting a slew of mail. Seems everyone had his own "worst ever" song. Well, that spawned a survey, subsequent column, and book: DAVE BARRY'S BOOK OF BAD SONGS

#1 on his list of "worst ever" songs is MacArthur Park. Well, apparently Dave Barry received some angry fan mail, people explaining that the only people who could hate that song must not understand that it's a metaphor. His response was, "Okay, maybe it's a metaphor. But it's a really stupid metaphor." You can read about MacArthur Park and some other songs that made the list in the intro to the book at the amazon link below. [By "you" I did NOT mean jrd or her mother!]

Maybe it's a Venus-Mars thing. I don't know. But for the record, count ME among those who DO appreciate a 7-minute-plus, fully-orchestrated, large-sounding, somewhat psychedelic, heart-wrenching epic told in the form of an ingenious, and colorful, metaphor. And I don't know what DB's talking about, the meaning being indecipherable. It makes perfect sense to me!

Furthermore, even those who might "hate" the song would have to admit a couple things. First, Richard Harris has an amazing, amazingly tender, voice with an amazing range. Really amazing. That last note can still be heard, and felt, reverberating around in the Universe.

More important is that the song reflected a valuable life lesson - both figuratively and literally. I can tell you, should I ever experience a love such as Richard Harris sings of in MacArthur Park... or, instead of buying a Carvel cake, should I ever bake my own birthday cake with sweet green (and blue and pink and yellow) icing...
I won't be leaving that cake out in the rain.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir