Comment: So what's the game plan?

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So what's the game plan?

Bill Belechick would never go into a game without a plan.

So if Scahill starts talking 911 from where he is now, the entire establishment comes out against him as a laughing stock. He gets into outside trouble that the media reports on. Drinking. Prostitution. Child porn. (Who was it that got child porn recently? He was hot against the government for a while. Then he gets in trouble for kiddie sex in Thailand.)

Anyway, the usual. And then maybe later, an exploding car.

It is no wonder Snowden wants to stay away. Greenwald too, for that matter.

That is my answer.

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Is Scahill talking about Loose Change? If so, that is very good. What was wrong with that movie?

It might be kind of fun to watch that again.

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