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Here's something you can help me with...

The U.S. economy has steadily grown but the distribution of the wealth it's generated seems very disproportionate today compared to the 60's - 70's. Wages are lower now for the same skilled labor that paid more in that era. Wages have stagnated for the last 30 years. Union membership has steadily declined.

I can provide statistics from several websites if you need them. A simple Google search will confirm it.

Corporations have taken over politics while enjoying some of the lowest tax rates in history. If lower tax rates create jobs, where are they? Why is unemployment so high?

I understand the Federal Reserve's role in all this but it doesn't explain why corporations sent our jobs overseas or pay government to allow illegal cheap labor into the country. I thought taxing them less would create more jobs. Why hasn't that happened?

Also, would you agree a diminished middle-class hurts our economy or are we better off with income inequality, cheap labor for higher profits? I realize it's great for those on the profit end but for the majority of the country that provide the cheap labor, are we better off? if so, how so?

Without a strong middle-class how can our economy grow since they make-up 70% of consumers?