Comment: These little snippets are all taken

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These little snippets are all taken

out of context, and then put into a new, made up context. The purpose is to make it impossible to go back and find the contexts, and details for each of the factoids, since there are way too many of them. Since you don't know the actual details, you question yourself. - its a propaganda method, not something that deals with fact, like a real scientist or investigator would.

One thing that stands out is the fact that the 1993 WTC bombing is left out. The target on the WTC was rational given this previous targeting of the WTC, and not some foreshadowing of some "evil plan". It makes we wonder how many of the other factoids were as invalid.

One classic gaslighting technique is to make up obscure facts that support your story, since your target doesn't have enough background on the topic to catch you in the lie, and the cost of getting the information to refute that statement is very high.

The other thing that is done in this first little snippet is to assume a pattern based on one example. One time one person said something about one false flag attack with a plane, therefore anything that happens with planes is suspicious.

The last fallacy is to say that because something has been done once, or something might be possible, that makes it more likely to happen. People have flown commercial airplanes by remote somewhere somehow, so therefore that makes it possible to have occured in another situation - on 911. That's not necessarily true, conditions are much different, there are no details about how these things were done given.

People tend to use data to reinforce their beliefs rather than to change their minds once they have an idea in their head. That's unfortunate for the human race. Our society is rejecting cold hard logic, and scientific method. Hard times are coming again.