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Here's the thing...

This isn't a conspiracy theory. It's an investigative report that highlights a very important potential conflict of interest where so-called *independent journalism* is being claimed.

KKK didn't have a position of control over what Ron Paul said and did. My friends who do things I don't like don't write my paychecks. If you read the article, you'll see that Omidyar is very hooked-in to the daily operations. Greenwald has hypocritically criticized others for the very same proximity of influence. Read the whole on the links where Greenwald defends and where there is an answer to his defense.

I don't care about Sibel Edmonds (I probably should have linked the Pando article directly). But she was whistleblowing from within the government and was right about her disclosures. Isn't it at least worth giving it consideration when someone is being entrusted with so much credibility as an establishment-watcher, as Greenwald and company like to spin themselves?

Just take a minute to think about this objectively and ask whether it makes sense.