Comment: So many holes are in the "official story" that it is laughable.

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So many holes are in the "official story" that it is laughable.

That is the point to focus upon. What the government says happened on 9/11 is pure baloney. The theories as to what actually happened that day is the contentious part. Whether there were planes, no planes, laughing Israelis, demolitions, missiles, laser weapons, or thermite is not as important as categorically stating that the official story is totally invalid.

In a flash, the government could at least end all of the conjecture about what hit the Pentagon by releasing the videos that have been in their possession since 9/11. They have refused. The fact that they haven't already screams-out that they were complicit in this treachery, with Cheney giving the orders for NORAD to stand down. The government stating that "no one could have foreseen planes being hijacked and flown into buildings" is also complete bunk.

The internet exposed all of the government lies and is the most powerful truth weapon that exists in this world.