Comment: like layers of an Onion...

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like layers of an Onion...

the stink only gets worse... the more NGO layers you peel back.
but here's the thing...

We watched it go from:
Protest... then to Riot/Hooliganism.. to 'Terror'ism
there was a definite 'uptick' when the 'merc/radicals/neo nationalists' showed up..

They were all masked, organized the chaos, and brought in guns.
and now 'they' and other 'chosen' local Oligarchs are quickly assuming positions of power in Kiev.

exactly 'which' part would someone like Omidyar finance w/ NGO money?
That's the point for me...

'Protests' are simply opportunities for the 'dark' money.
The 'grey' money folks like Omidyar are simply useful idiots and ideologues who certainly plan for 'favors' following their 'funded' regime change...
but get PUSHED out of the way when the REAL players show up... like State Dept/CIA and DoD/Blackwater types.

I feel the same way about an obvious liberal agenda
but using good investigative journalism technique to their advantage.

These Ideologues are simply 'useful' to greater powers at play.
I personally would put Greenwald as an ideologue... I feel the same about Judge Napolitano... different ideologies of course... but useful to 'larger' players.