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btw check Abby Martin

i'm sorry bout my harshness but i'm a little pissed bout a lot of rt and infowars "trolls", so to say on the net recently who think they own sort of a patent law on the truth itself. get a life, people, and use your own mind. since you presumable understand the principle of limited government it can't even be that much of a problem anymore i guess. anyone who generally feels concerned now, please don't get grumpy about anything, always feel free to debate me or anybody else.

listen to Abby Martin here

And btw, yes this is a revolution already whatever the outcome.
You can't even go back to that much corruption which has previously occurred in Ukraine. The people will start to more and more demand their rights, they learn it right now, and they will not unlearn it in times of alternative media and a vigilant public, with it could come also a more open market, likely more rights and autonomy to smaller entites within Ukraine and all of that is a good thing.

And i do predicate that anyone who in principle deems those things "bad" because of whatever sidenote, i would argue, has not at all understood basic libertarian, free market, as well as republican principles and ideas.

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