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I only watched a little of Loose Change. Why? Because as you stated, my mind is already made up on 9/11 and after numerous articles, books, and documentaries I just became bored with all of it a while ago.

I believe we will never know exactly what happened that day. That being said, I don't think that that means people should stop searching for the answers if they want to. I think for me, it is enough to know that there was inside manipulation of the event from our own government. The details don't matter to me so much as the bigger picture of the government assisting in the set up of this event.

I also think that that is what is most important for newly awakened people to understand. Even if it is as minor as them understanding the basic principle of blowback theory and that is as far as they go with it, that is good enough in some cases unless again the person chooses to investigate further.

Beliefs surrounding this event are so sensitive because once you realize that a governing body that you have believed in working for your benefit your whole life could/would do something like this, it changes your world and all the sudden you wonder what else they could or would do and that leads to some very scary conclusions.

9/11 truth was such a touchy subject with the younger people I met on campuses during the height of the movement. It's not so much that they didn't believe that the government was involved or didn't want to believe that, it's that it's a huge tangled scary web that isn't easily explained or understood, and if they ask the wrong person the wrong question whether in an online forum setting or in the real world they risk being called a SCHILL!!!!! or whatnot/fill in the blank. Or if it takes them a little bit longer to really absorb some of it, again....they are mocked.

But this is a quite a life changing piece of information so the beliefs around it might and should take people a while to process. This isn't like saying 'I believe social programs are good because they help the poor' and then reading more into how and why social programs can actually hurt some of the people they are trying to help and changing your beliefs because you connected a few dots.

This is believing that even if you don't like the congress that has been elected to represent you and the President, that at the end of the day they would never assist in mass murder of their own citizens, and then having that comfortable belief shattered.

That is scary, so the people new to the information might set up a defense wall and react strongly at first because it is not something they want to believe as it will change their whole way of thinking in some cases. The people who have spent time researching 9/11 react sharply when people don't listen because they have spent so much time researching and they believe they are right and people should just trust them.

Beyond finally coming to the conclusion that 9/11 had some inside help, there are the various theories on who/what/where/when/and whys.

It's not just 9/11 was an inside job, close the case. It's all the documentaries, and books, and articles, and reports from people of various backgrounds. It's a lot to sift through. And it's a depressing and scary lot to sift through.