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The only place truthers feel comfortable

is attacking other peoples ideas. I've seen this technique 100 times, divert attention from the valid criticism being aimed at "the truth movement" by trying to raise doubts about other reasonable stories - usually with lies and half truths.

The sociopaths fancy themselves Sherlock Holmes types, and probably quote the "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? " - though Old Sherlock, and the truther wannabes, error in thinking that he can actually find "whatever remains" in something as complex as real life.

Bottom line is that since I was not there, I don't know what happened. I tend to trust eye witness accounts most, though some people tend to lie about these once in a while. I don't believe most of the people involved were dupes, and were honest. I find most reprehensible the way truthers accuse good people of out and out lying, and then hide behind their "I just want the truth" schtick.

I believe theories even less, regardless of who puts them forward, though sound scientific theories deserve consideration, The kind of out of context snippets of information, called evidence in this clip from loose change, I don't consider at all, as it is so incomplete, and out of context as to be a huge waste of time.

But since I know you're just dying to take a shot at me, here's what I know - now read carefully and don't put words in my mouth (another favorite truther technique)

1. 4 planes were hijacked.
2. The people accused of being the hijackers were all involved in the hijacking.
3. the 3 planes that were hijacked hit buildings ( WTC 1&2 and the pentagon.) Based on hundreds of eyewitness, debris and DNA found at the scenes.
4. The 4th plane went down in Schwenksville, PA. based on eyewitnesses, debris and DNA found at the scene.
5. Something happened on/to this plane ( flt 93) to cause it to crash early.
5. WTC 1&2 burned awhile and then collapsed.
6. Later WTC 7 fell, after being struck by Debris and burning a while.
7. KSM was captured, imprisoned in Gitmo, Tortured, and confessed to planing 911.

That's about what I know. What I think and why ? Not really important.