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David Goldstein • 11 hours ago

Dear Michael Savage,

Please pardon my English, it is a second language and you may notice some mistakes in my writing. First of all i wanted to reflect on how you started your article. It would be more truthful to say - let me share what make sense to me on whats happening in Ukraine. I can understand that this article is oriented and tailored towards American public that loves conspiracy theories etc.. I like them too sometimes but not today. I wouldn't speak for all but i can swear that great majority of Ukrainian people would not agree that ex-president Yanukovish is legitimate president. And that he has been overthrown by Neo-fascist that specially got anything to do with Islamic-radicals. I'm actually a little disturbed by your set of keywords: Neo-Nazis, Islamic radicals, Anti Jews , anyone else?

Ukrainian people are sick and tired of being robbed by their government, by completely corrupt, uneducated criminal. I'm proud for my people that had strength no fear to stand up for themselves. People who fight for their freedom and anti-corrupt government are not fascists! This majority of people believe in better future and we want to be a part of Euro-Union and want to move away from Imperialistic ways of ruling.

I also urge you to check your sources of information because they are not true (to phrase it lightly). Here is a paragraph i'm referring to:

"- In the early stages of the rebellion, Ukrainian President Yanukovich met with the rebels staging the uprising, and the two parties agreed to stop the violence and make an orderly transition to a new government chosen in a new set of elections. Instead, the right-wing rebels ignored the agreement and took over Kiev by force, with their armed patrols maintaining control through violence."

Ex-President Yanokovich never ever ever ever agreed to give up his power. He stated that clearly. You have to be delusional to believe that there will be some-kind of honest elections with Yanukovich in the picture. He was aiming to sit on his throne like Putin and Lukashenko but he is too corrupt and stupid to pull that off. Long story short - he said that he will not resign, and continued oppressing protesters, violence continued and escalated. On the day when snipers were shooting our unarmed brothers killing hundreds, our parliament decided that this was the last drop and situation have to be regulated right-away. They voted and took control in their hands. If you see the video of them voting, no one got a gun to their had and when they made the decision they were clapping and cheering.

Story that parliament was taken over by armed terrorists from the right wing is BS and propaganda. Putin with his dog Yanukovich on the leash are playing this card hoping to return this clown back to throne in order to continue pursue his geopolitical interests. Nobody cares about Ukrainian people, specially Putin.

When Ukraine gave up their Nuclear weapon they signed a contract with US, France, Brattain, Russians, and China ( not long after) that they will be protected by these countries in case of any threat. Now Russia is directly violating all possible laws and invading Ukraine and everyone else is doing nothing about it.

The only one who is acting like Nazi is Putin who is using the same excuse to invade Ukraine as Hitler used to invade Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland.
Russian population in Ukraine are absolutely safe and there is no threat imposed to them. I think you get the picture

And please stop throwing everything in one pile Pro-Islamic-Anti-Jew-Neo-Nazis is beyond ridiculous. Russians, Ukrainians and Jews are more closer in Ukraine then in any other place. We don't want war. We don't want Imperial ruling or corrupted government. We believe in a better future!