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Actually, they don't

It's a mistake to think all neocons have the same appreciation for Israel. They don't.

Some are motivated by religious or spiritual interests.

WSome are moved by profit from technology that is purchased through military contracts.

Some are interested in the secualr possibilies that come from a society established in the art of self defense.

Some have been to Israel many times and others like me have yet to go, but definately lookm forward to when I go and it is on the top of my list of things to do.. though it appears it won't be untikl 2015.

We didn't "enable" Israel to exist. Zionists.. people who for all the above reasons, after WWI, began investing in Israel. Investors continue to see intellectual gold being produced in Israel, so we continue to invest; However, the world has changed in many ways.. now we are dealing with a UN Agenda, and Israel is at ground Zero, because Israel's first war was independence of the UN, so Israel's treaties and agreements are very different than everyone who is signed up with the UN and have no choice about the Agenda. That's why so many people watch Israel, though propeganda has people looking at the Palestinian conflict, which is created as a decoy. Look at Palestine and not this technology advancing humanity. We can't have Israel advancing humanity when the UN is busy watching the world go to Hell. Why be inspired when you can wax apathetic?

Seems a bunch of people from Huffington Post and The Nation have come to DP to cener, abolish, kill, those who they don't agree with. I don't agree with you or your censorship, how you stand for women being second class citizens, child rape in the name of marriage, executing homosexuals, disfiguring and raping women, or your communist agenda, which you don't even realize you support because you are so brainwashed.