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YOU are.

They want to influence your opinion, and perception to match theirs. It is kinda hard to bother with Ron Paulers since we are pretty specific about wanting liberty, but they will try to influence your views on other things. Take a look at that granger poster always up on israel posts.

Any normal poster that is pro-israel wouldn't go the the lengths they do to defend it. They would simply say they disagree, post one long post, and move on. That poster however posts like they are getting paid to bitch and bitch even though everyone pretty much disagrees.

Let us say hypothetically, I was pro-choice while everyone on here was pro-life. Would I bother going on lengthy debates EVERY time it is brought up? Hell no. I would only do it if I was getting paid, had a organization feeding me data, and my job was to make you damn pro-choice. Just so I could get that one gullible bastard to believe the crap I write.