Comment: Generalizing 'corporations' is like generalizing 'blacks' or any

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Generalizing 'corporations' is like generalizing 'blacks' or any

Other group that can be given definition. Not all low tax rates are created equal. The 'crony' part of today's use of Capitalism has been brain washing for the public. You might hear news stories of politically connected huge companies that pay near nothing, but that is not the norm. 'Normal' businesses that tend to pay help the most (local and similar) pay huge taxes, fees, and costs due to regulations that are put up to stifle competition. The government has the power to pick winners and losers with the current tax code. If you tax one person or company twice as much as another how can they be competitive in wages? Inequality does not have to mean the Ultra rich and Very poor. Inequality in a true capitalist system would look more like completely equal flat pay compared to what we have today.