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it comes in a variety of ways and means

one example, in Israel you can invest in multible start ups.. the statisical facts are, if you were to take $150K and divide that between 10 Israeli start ups, chances are you will recover your money within the year from at least one of the companies, Israel's government encourages investments, which is unlike the USA, where people are more to look for grants from government.

Israel tech is what gives you a chip to have your own computer at home, and many other applications.

It's not that they are superior, because they come from many nations, it is the pirpose, or goal of advancing humanity, and many work on that in FREEDOM.. something much of the world, and today, much of America does not have.

As for enlightening you... there is a 45 minute lecture, Harvard, "The Legal Case for Israel." What is so great about this lecture is it explains the UN treaties and what "Palestine" is what the relationships with Jordan and Egypt are, and much more, that most American didn't know. Many here won't watch it. What are they afraid of that I am not?