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Dylan Ratigan

From a MensJournal interview:

"I spoke the language better than most people at CNBC, because of my years at Bloomberg," he says. "I asked good questions, and I was a great hang." Then came the 2007 financial crisis, and Ratigan couldn't hide his disdain for the policy of too big to fail. "I started railing against the crisis maniacally on 'Fast Money' and I ended up in a war with [CNBC president] Mark Hoffman, because my whole thing is, capitalism is based on retained risk, and retained risk is: If you fail, you fail. And what was going on on Wall Street was the opposite of that. I was openly confronting that with my platform on 'Fast Money,' and I was saying things – like that we should send [U.S. Treasury Secretary] Hank Paulson to jail – that a CNBC anchor shouldn't. So it was pretty much impossible for me to stay there."

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