Comment: Clearly the Israeli border patrol went way out of line...

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Clearly the Israeli border patrol went way out of line...

And this type of thing is obviously deliberate, cruel and absolutely unacceptable.

Should there be consequences from FIFA? I believe that is possible.

But the OP of this thread is not accurately describing the situation.
And the line about the Old Testament? Yeah, what about it?

Point is, individuals use DP to post anti-Israel articles and sentiment, but always fail to post the other side of the coin.
I'm not talking about Granger's excuses. I'm talking about the reality of the situation... I'll bet you did not hear that just 3 days ago on March first, "Palestinians" were firing on IDF forces.

Just a few days before that on February 28, this story came out...

This story let's you know about the reality of the situation... It takes two to tango. Both sides are committing violence against each other. Everyday Palestinian Muslim activists wake up and stroll over to the border fence to throw rocks, bombs, etc.

If the goal is PEACE, then OPs like this one are a step in the wrong direction, because they alienate one side and refuse to see it from that other side's perspective.

People in 'Palestine' get up every day to attack the borders of the Jewish nation which they resent for their 'infidelity'. People in Israel get up everyday ready to kill Palestinian protesters.

Not enough people on either side get up every day trying to make peace.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?