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Interesting Viewpoint

I find your argument interesting, because on the surface it makes sense. You are basically arguing that 1) Israel stole the land from the Palestinians but that doesn't matter because the U.S. stole land from Native Americans 300 years ago. 2) Israel's crimes should be ignored because we ignore our crimes.

However,you're comment ignores several other issues. You don't mention that the West Bank is currently acknowledged as the Palestinian's land based on international agreements. You don't mention that Israel built a 25-foot apartheid wall THROUGH the West Bank, which is acknowledged as the Palestinians' land. You don't mention that the Palestinians who live behind this wall (equipped with razor wire, electricity, and guard towers) are kept at bay through a system of checkpoints staffed by Israeli soldiers. You don't mention that the Palestinians who live in the portion of the West Bank now separated from Palestine have had their homes demolished by the Israeli army and that fancy Israeli neighborhoods are being constructed in their place. You don't mention that in Israel there are roads for "Jews only" and roads for "Arabs only." You don't mention the murder of Palestinians on a regular basis by Israel.

So all in all I feel your argument is interesting in that it ignores several basic facts regarding the situation in Israel. Of course what happened to the Native Americans was bad. But what is happening right NOW in Palestine can be stopped. And we should at least try.