Comment: This will end well

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This will end well

Two scenarios come to mind:

1) Criminal in possession of gun :
A) No knock raid
B) Criminal grabs guns and opens fire on cops

2) Resident legally in posession of gun
A) No knock raid
B) Resident grags guns and opens fire on intruders to protect family

Either way people die when there was no need for them to die.

Seriously, is the the best cops can come up with? Breaking into a tight, enclosed area with weapons drawn? I'm not a strategist and I can come up with a much simpler solution right off the top of my head to catch a criminal or two.

A) Patiently wait at the end of the block for the suspect to leave the house.
B) Pull them over and arrest them.

Granted this assumes the cops aren't going to just open fire like they are prone to do when they so much as suspect a gun might be within a 100 mile radius.


I'm not implying citizens who legally are in posession of weapons are criminals just because of this law I'm just pointing out the severe stupidity of current police tactics. The cops really need to read the "100 things I'd Do If I Were a Villian" list and follow the advice about having a 5 year-old appraise their plan.