Comment: Last night at my precinct

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Last night at my precinct

Last night at my precinct convention, I submitted a resolution to end the primary system in Texas and instead use a Caucus system like other states. The 3 other people there (i had never met before) tensed up and got defensive and 1 lady asked if this resolution was going to get rid of the Primaries. I explained to her that was not true and that the caucus was superior to electronic primary voting because you could validate your vote alongside other precinct members and if it was wrong you would know immediately. The resolution didn't include a lot of details but just stated the corruption that the primary system supports. All 3 of them voted AGAINST IT and said their reasons were they were afraid too many people wouldn't be able to attend the a caucus if it were held on only 1 day. "What if I am out of town or on a trip that day, then I can't vote can I?"

I wanted to beat them over the head with the folding chair I was sitting on. They accepted my personally written Gold Standard Resolution though, but I doubt they understood anything I said in it.

Southern Agrarian