Comment: Boiling the frog

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Boiling the frog

Instead of a moment where the SHTF, I could see just a gradual degradation in wealth and lifestyle that just sort of makes life crappier over the years.

Similar to when it became common for families to require two incomes to survive. A lot of people just got twice as poor when that happened in many ways (time-wise, family-wise) but everyone just sort of goes a long with it.

In our times it might be fuel and food becoming more and more expensive and we then don't realize that half of our income is going to these things and the quality is decreasing. More scarcity of goods. Smaller homes, etc.

Maybe a college education starts costing six figures of debt.

Just gradual poor when markets and technology should be increasing quality of life and increasing free time.

Not spread evenly either across neither category nor demographics.

This is all armchair speculation from a stranger on the Internet. I don't have any/much empirical evidence.

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