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I don't know

from where in Sweden he was from. He came at a time when being an American was an important mind set. He was proud to have served in the war because it made him feel he earned his right to be an American, and he married an American (Scottish/Greek decent), and they produced foot ball stars for the high school, college, navy and San Diego Chargers (and two tradition continue on my family, military and foot ball).

Yes, I too can understand why those who have bought the lies about Israel would hate. It's one of the clues you get in life about the path you're on.. when it's in hate, maybe it's not right? And it was not easy for me to find the truth, which is not easy to share because of all the layers that trip the seeker up. Those layers include ADL and AIPAC, because their support for Israel is for their own support.. but this is the way it's been for Jews what seems forever, and why hating Jews is never ending in history. One generation after the other. I find it facinating, and I don't feel any hate, because I know those who hate mean well (some of them) some are definately pushing for their own agenda, which is anti-western civilization, that I happen to prefer. I'm not the burka type.

Sending warm weather vibes your way!