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Comment: I admit, I didn't vote.

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I admit, I didn't vote.

The only person I wanted to vote for was Debra Medina - I didn't know any of the other "good guys" on the ballot.

However, I think I can explain how the establishment won.

I received an ingenious paid for conservative political ad in the mail, that on the back, listed a sample ballot with all the establishment names Highlighted in yellow the day before the vote.

You didn't even have to open up the trifold, just turn it over and see a sample ballot with highlighted names of the so call conservative establishment.

If every republican registered to vote received that ad, its very likely they went straight to the polls with it and voted all the yellow highlighted and check-marked names - believing they were voting for conservatives. Yeah right!!

Now, why cant the anti-establishment Grass Roots candidates pool the loot together in a political campaign and do something just like that? Really? It's very simple, and that would win.