Comment: I don't know but, it seems to me to be a medical book,

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I don't know but, it seems to me to be a medical book,

giving recipes from the area between India and the Middle East for oil distillation and uses. (Whether the oils are obtained by press or a still, I'm not sure. But, the picture of the gourd looking thing with the live bodies inside, to my mind, looks like some kind of a still.) The oils could be used alone or in combination, depending on what was to be treated. I think that's what all the other visual aids were about, how to treat and with what to treat it.

Some of the other graphics could be like a calculator to show how much organic material is needed for however many drops of oil to use. (Do you have any idea how much of that stuff you need for one lousy drop of oil? A lot!)

Also, that geographic area is big into fragrances, which would also come from the distillation as the byproduct, hydrosol (scented water). The hydrosol could be used as a cologne or in bathwater, to smell pretty or even as something to be heated and inhaled to treat whatever.

There had to have been several languages (with dialects) and cultures in that area and it looks to me like someone put it all together in one do it yourself book for practitioners of the healing arts of that time. People, particularly wandering desert people, spoke several languages (maybe 5 or more), not just their own.

Again, I don't know. Just saying what I think it is.

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