Comment: Secession would be great

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Secession would be great

to have as an option to keep the FEDs honest but for now it's not likely to succeed. The south had a much better chance then than we do now.

And fundamentally it is another political solution to a criminal problem.

The crimes against humanity. Destruction of multiple nations currencies including our own and ubiquitous cheapening of human life through torture, rendition and state sanctioned murder are crimes for which political solutions are inappropriate.

The best avenue for awakening the American People are Grand Juries, Indictments, trials and punishment.

A large part of the difficulty we all encounter by asking our friends and families to share in our awakening is that we are implicitly asking them to presume these actors guilty of their crimes. This is not how a republic functions. We all have a presumption of innocence for any alleged crime and to overcome that presumption requires a trial where the evidence can be seen in open court.