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NEVER register your Guns!

NEVER register your Guns!

NEVER register your Guns!

SELL your "registered" guns----then RE-buy them from private parties---and for goodness sake---leave your cell phones home so the NSA can't hear you!

Our world governments have morphed into TOTALITARIAN REGIMES, and their desires have NOTHING to do with protecting us, but EVERYTHING to do with killing us. Since the Rich Elites are obsessed about the population numbers, why should they care if a criminal knocks one of us off? Of course, they could care less.

But, they do care about insurrection & the masses fighting against a regime. Do they see themselves as being a Regime? No, but they see themselves as being MUCH SMARTER than we are. The ARROGANCE is putrifying surely. Their attitude is that "the means justifies the ends"---their ends of course.

I hate to say it, but America & Canada & any other country that resists, will be mass murdered----eventually---no different than Hitler & Stalin, and all the rest of the Despots & Tyrants.