Comment: The Russian Federation Will Never Allow This to Happen

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The Russian Federation Will Never Allow This to Happen

Remember the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960's and the end result? This time it's the globalists led by the U.S. hegemony that plans to surround Russia in a military pincer tactic. The question in my mind is; why has the NWO chosen to do this now?

My belief is this is all about the economy. The globalists want to provoke Russia into an armed conflict in a misguided attempt to stimulate job growth. The "job growth" I'm writing about is not just rekindling American war production to destroy property and lives but the expansion of the army of soldiers to fight against Russia and China.

This is the scheme that Roosevelt used to end the U.S. depression in the 1930's. He denied Japan access to oil and deliberately allowed Pearl Harbor to be attacked to rally the country to war. In other words, 9/11 part two.

These psychopaths are stuck in the propaganda of World War II, the so called, "good war". War is the only thing they know how to do. They have exhausted the printing of money schemes (i.e., QE1, QE2, etc.) to stimulate the economy and have failed miserably.

They aren't thinking that Russia or China will retaliate and attack the U.S. mainland or its allies with land based or undersea missiles tipped with nuclear weapons. They disregard that scenario because they think the psychology of wealth is paramount to the national interests of the leaders of these two great countries. Their hubris and brinkmanship will destroy everything on the surface of the earth including the human race, all for fiat money and the power that comes with it.

We, the American people are the only entity that can stop the madness which has consumed Washington. We must act before the Rubicon is crossed.