Comment: Shhh!!!! Keep Kurzweil away from my world of wonder

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Shhh!!!! Keep Kurzweil away from my world of wonder

He'll only try to kill it.

We have been creating our own. It's called the Dailypaul. It has thousands of chapters (threads), thousands of characters, each character is represented in the chapters they choose and they represent themselves. Didn't Kurzweil tell you? This too, will be a mystery someday. As a futurist he should know that. When people wrote these manuscripts centuries ago, they thought they were communicating quite clearly. They didn't realize that it would be nearly impossible to decipher in some cases.

I read about fake papers and documents and books in academia a few times in undergrad. Just like fake paintings are getting harder and harder to spot and tell from the original. People are able to create fake masterpieces complete with wear and tear and carbon dated papers and canvasses. It's an intricate process, but it happens. There is a market for it.

I have not read Focault's Pendulum. It's moved up as high priority now though, it looks really good.

As far as the Voynich manuscript. I have been following the story for years, and it is probably an almanac of sorts, but like I told Nonna, the thing that interests me is the mystery.

On another unrelated note. I watched Spirited Away last night! I feel like a different person now. Now that I know that story and have seen that movie. That is an Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz style masterpiece and I am so glad I saw it. I'll have to wait to see The Wind Rises because it is not playing near me right now at least, but I will absolutely be seeing it after seeing Spirited Away.

Now keep Kurzweil away!

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss