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People call me a Copperhead...

..because I have been a vigorous critic of the Union Govt during The War Against the States. I never intended to gloss over the crimes of the Confederate Govt, it's just that they pale in comparison. When governments fight, everybody loses except the oligarchs running the racket.

Secessionism remains vibrant in the American spirit, though we are vastly outnumbered by the Unionists among us. For years I have endorsed wholesale immigration to the Island of Hawaii. At a pop. of ca 120k, it would only take a mere twenty-thousand commited libertarians to occupy the County Govt. Ten kilo would be a significant influence, but twenty, I think, would clinch it. With its resources and location, Hawaii as an independent nation could dominate the Pacific. Of course with its present monolithic Democrat govt it would be another third world basket case.

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