Comment: She Uses the Forum of Politics to Hide the Shadow Government

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She Uses the Forum of Politics to Hide the Shadow Government

Rachel Maddow is a trained political scientist. What is political science? It is the art of applied psychology used to persuade a target audience to think or act a certain way to benefit a hidden agenda of a political nature.

People that work in the private sector as marketeers use psychology to motivate the consumer to purchase their company's product or service verses the competition. Political science academia is the marketing department of a government.

She is not a journalist. She will never specifically talk about criminal fraud committed by global bankers or campaign bribery paid by multinational corporations or the influences of foreign States on Washington (i.e., the triumvirate of the shadow government), unless it is spun around a political theme. She is a shill for the ideology that pays her to attack the competition. She could care less about individual freedom, liberty or free markets. She spews propaganda to an audience who look to government for answers dealing with deficiencies in our society that are usually caused by the elected and bureaucratic miscreants of the State itself.

People who follow political scientists posing as "journalists" are weak-minded, unable to breach the conscience of independent reason and thought. They must be told how to live their lives. Sadly they represent the majority of Americans who live, work or are unemployed in our country today.