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Comment: In case. there was any doubt about Western media distortions...

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In case. there was any doubt about Western media distortions...

Here is a report about this interview from the Associated Press reporter Vladimir Isachenov on the UK Yahoo website:

This article has been edited before publication. The first two paragraphs were written by someone other than the reporter who wrote the body of the article.

The information summary in the first two paragraphs does not match the information given in the rest of the article. This suggests that an editor with a specific agenda has provided an invidious précis that fits that agenda. In other words it has been written for propaganda purposes. The change in tone begins at the heading "PUTIN'S RATIONALE".

The rest of the article is reasonably accurate based upon my own viewing of the interview in question. President Putin was not overly emotional at all during the interview and while naturally expressing his feelings he did so in an appropriate manner.

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