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Why should Issa be defeated?

This is Issa's puppy, not Ron Paul's. Issa is responsible for going after the IRS on targetting conservative, GOP connected fundraisers. Issa is from CA, and here in CA, as a treasurer of a county, I've watched how the GOP has had to go through great expense and hardship because the fines.. I'll give you an example, a treasurer got cancer and was going through chemo therepy during an election year, when treasurer has a huge job because everything is turned over.. donations, take al ot of information and sums of $100.00 need to be reported within 24 hours (though someone always at the other end of the line), that treasurer, due to illness was late, and the fine was $1,640.00, though the sum was far less, and in these circumstances, when a treasurer becomes ill, there is a "exuse".. and this was not happening. So, this issue is by Issa for the issues CA GOP faced, which apparently was not limited to CA.

When the woman recused herself, she was refusing to answer questions. The meeting was over.

The gentleman who is only wanting to ask a question, has an agenda and this being Issa's issue, he's going to control it. Good.