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Think of it like a car

Think of it like a car salesman. Unless someone pops the hood, you don't talk about that stuff. If someone asks how it drives, you say it corners great, rides smooth, and it'll get you to where you want to go. You don't try to teach them the physics and engineering of the pieces that make this possible, and the history of how those parts came to be. You have to focus on how the customer benefits, not on how great it is from your perspective as a programmer and encryption specialist. Meaning you'll have to skip over all the details that you accomplished, and make analogies that make sense to the average person, like a piece of paper stuffed in a coconut.

I don't totally understand the right tone for Kickstarter, but I'm imagining it's got to be engaging to the average person, not too wordy, getting to the point without going over their heads right away.