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Just got off a conference

Just got off a conference call with Dwayne Stovall's campaign manager.
He said during the election he got undercover notices from journalists and reporters that all those 'National Level Tea Party' groups like TP Express etc take all of their donations, cut out 66% of them, pocket the 33%, then give the 66% to establishment candidates by way of laundering it through smaller 501c4 groups with names like "Texans for conservative majority, Texans for keeping guns, etc".

He basically confirmed what we knew all along, that the Tea Party was co-opted from the beginning.

Their method of funding is through the mailers you mentioned. They find your address by renting out contact lists that candidates had during election years, for example "sign up with your email and home address to help [Establishment Joe]". Those lists are then sold and traded between wealthy candidates to the tune of $24k a month we were told. One of the said groups the Tea Party Patriots (actual example) had donated to a smaller group that in turn gave $13k to Mich McConnell and John Cornyn.

It is a sick cycle of lazy ass voters sitting on their rear, thinking they are involved by receiving junk mail asking for money, donating that money in good trust, then having that organization donate it to establishment candidates. The rule of thumb is: DONT DONATE TO ANYONE YOU CANNOT SEE/SHAKE THEIR HAND. I throw all of my faux conservative crap mailers straight to the trash.

I was talking with an older friend of mine and posed the question:

How do we break this cycle?

How? How do we break through?

Southern Agrarian