Comment: He deserved the Death Penalty

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He deserved the Death Penalty

While his comments on Prison being synonymous with Slavery are thought provoking, he seems to miss the concept that one loses their Rights when they infringe upon someone elses in an egregious manner. He slit the neck of "the nicest person he had ever met" in order to make a quick buck. While his accomplice's blows actually killed his victim, he pulled the mans head back and slit his throat from ear to ear. He meant to kill him and knew the victim could identify him. He knew the victim quite well and had recorded songs with him for 2 hours prior to carrying out the plan he had been scheming for over a week. Fuck him.

He had me somewhat captivated up to the point he started criticizing the death penalty. From that point on it is quite easy to see that the person arguing is poorly educated and has experienced violence in a way that appears to be common and has obviously twisted him. Do I feel sorry for him? Sure, but not as much as his victim.

This brute speaks of empathy, but only seems to encourage it when invting others to walk in his shoes. He makes no mention of his victim's or victim's family's shoes.