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Oh my. Thank you for replying.

Did he say why? Remove teeth. Did you get a second opinion. Maybe the Oral Surgeon has a Mercedes payment.

Did they say why ASAP. What are the risks. I never knew anyone who was glad they had the teeth pulled.

What are the risks of waiting 90 days.

Or even 30 days to see if you can improve conditions.

Once gone, they are gone, says Captain Obvious.

Albert Einstein had white hair and died of a burst aorta. The liver uses copper to process nicotine. Grey hair, aneurysm and hemorrhoids are the smoker's curses.

No, not normal. My wife's hair went gray and my beard, it's a copper deficiency.

We both reversed the process by supplement with Ultimate selenium w/ copper. I no longer trim dozens of white hairs from my mustache. It's fun to see them with dark roots.

Selenium for the prostate just like iodine shrinks the goiter.

It also prevent cardionyopathy heart attack and cancer even in smoker's. 1 bottle/month/50 pounds.

Total Cholesterol above 250 is ok. There is no scientific evidence that LDL and HDL are anything but marketing gimmicks for statins.

Triple down on the vitamins, but I know from first and second hand experience what works.

As Pharmacist Fuch's said, only take a body that is nutritionally saturated to surgery. Healing takes raw materials.

It is a big plus that you eat healthy. Plan oils are very bad. Diabetes, obesity and heart disease have skyrocketed as American switched for butter and lard to plant oils.

They turn into transfats and create liver spots inside and out. Liver spots, seroids are rancid fat deposits. Selenium helped clear mine.

At 55 I was turning prematurely grey.

How long ago was the bowel rupture?

The gelatin and copper with heal the intestine, which is made of connective tissue.

Brother, you're in trouble. Between wife and I, we have dealt with our different issues with added nutrition added to our already good diet. It redefined good nutrition for us and our grown children.

I am right about the grey hair, and you indicated that grey hair is common. Sounds like a market to me.

Free includes debt-free!